CLF Endowment Program Hardship Fund

The CLF has established special funds in the Endowment Program (named in honor of CLA members) to be used to provide (based on defined guidelines) grants to CLA Members that have encountered an unexpected hardship.


The management of funds will be overseen by:

CLF office with Endowment Committee and CLF BOD oversight.

Who would be eligible for the Fundraising Campaign? 

Any CLA member with a legitimate need…


Treat every application equally and with full transparency.

Qualifying Hardship Events

Health issues expected to last for more than one month.

Accident that prevents work for more than two weeks.

Death of Artist or supporting family member.

Loss due to Fire not covered by insurance.

Theft not covered by insurance.

Other hardship that reach catastrophic portion. To be determined by Committee.

Guidelines for launching a Hardship Fund-raising Campaign

In addition to a donation to a CLA member in need from a CLA Endowment Hardship Fund, the Endowment Committee will launch a program within its membership to solicit donation for the members.

1. Receive a request…

If request is from someone other than the proposed recipient the CLA office will contact the recipient , explain the assistance campaign   and gather the facts, including permission to launch the campaign. If request is from the recipient then we will gather facts and explain the assistance campaign. The application will be reviewed and a determination will be made. We will then notify the applicant of the decision.

2. CLA would then launch the Fundraising Campaign.

Explanation of Assistance Campaign 

  1. With the recipients permission, the CLF will launch an Assistance Campaign on behalf of the named recipient that briefly describes the hardship and request members to donate.
  2. Membership donation request will be made via email or mailing to CLA members. The Campaign will also be posted on our Facebook page and blog unless the recipient prefers not to make it public.
  3. Donations may be made directly to the recipient or to the CLF via cash, check, MO, credit card ,or PayPal earmarked for the recipient if the donor wants a 501c3 tax deduction.
  4. Donations received by the CLF and checks received by the CLF made out to the recipient will be dispersed within two business days of receiving them to the recipient.
  5. CLF office will track donations on a case by case basis.
  6. The CLF office will notify the Endowment Committee and CLF BOD of the circumstances surrounding the hardship request and their recommendation for funding.
  7. The CLF office will work with the CLF BOD to obtain a majority vote for the final CLF donation amount.
  8. Once the CLF BOD vote is finalized the CLF office will make the donation to the recipient.
  9. The CLF office will keep a record of the Fundraising Campaign once discontinued to be reviewed by the Endowment Committee and CLF BOD.