Today, as it has been for decades, the interest in contemporary muzzleloading firearms, accoutrements and related objects is sensational. Makers provide handmade contemporary muzzleloading firearms and related items that are truly works of art.

The CLA was organized as an association of contemporary muzzleloading collectors/makers. This association recognizes the scope of collecting as traditional muzzleloading rifles, pistols, fowlers, their accoutrements and related objects handmade after the mid-twentieth century.

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PO Box 2247

Staunton VA 24402

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  • Bulletins
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  • Educational experiences
  • Annual show
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Membership Details:

Membership dues are $20 for the first year and $60 annual renewal, January through December, for each year after.

**Lapsed members will be required to submit the current year’s membership dues to maintain the active membership status required to gain entry to the annual show.**

Annual Renewal is $60.00